Level 2 NVQ Bricklaying – Construction Operation

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Level 2 NVQ Bricklaying – Construction Operation

Qualification overview

This qualification is graded using a Pass, Merit and Distinction format and has been included in the Department for Education performance tables. The Level 2 Diploma in Bricklaying qualification has been developed for delivery in a training environment; this means that you do not need to be employed to study this qualification. It has been designed to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding so you can work in Bricklaying in the construction industry or progress to further training. This qualification supports the Learner to attain enabling, fundamental and transferable practical skills with associated underpinning knowledge. Although part of an apprenticeship, this qualification is available outside of an apprenticeship where either the learner’s circumstances prevent them undertaking a full apprenticeship or where their prior skills and knowledge mean they do not require all components of the apprenticeship. In addition, industry will accept the qualification on its own as entry to a job role.

The learner will cover knowledge in three core subject areas:

  • Health, safety and welfare
  • Information, quantities and communication
  • Construction Technology

The Learner will also learn key practical skills and knowledge in:

  • Set out masonry structures
  • Construct solid walling incorporating isolated and attached piers
  • Construct cavity walling forming masonry structures
  • Construct masonry cladding
  • Construct thin joint masonry

The minimum age requirement for this qualification is 16+; there are no further entry requirements to take this qualification. This means that you can undertake this qualification without any previous training or qualifications in this subject area.

Number of NVQ’s Level 2 – Formwork / Steel Fixing / Plant Ops
£745.00* +VAT PP
£845.00* +VAT PP
£945.00* +VAT PP